My personal story of courage and determination

Yeah, that’s me in 2019 in Thailand. So, this picture was taken moments before me jumping in mid sea (with a life jacket of course). Now, it may not be a big deal for many but for me it was certainly, as I had learnt how to swim just two days ago. That’ right. WhereContinue reading “My personal story of courage and determination”

Simple yet effective exercise for beginners

1. Spot Jogging/Jumping Start your daily exercise with ten minutes of spot jogging and jumping. This would work your calves and get you warmed up pretty quickly. Remember, this exercise in only a starter so don’t put too much force on your legs. Stay on toes while doing this exercise. 2. Squats Squats is aContinue reading “Simple yet effective exercise for beginners”

Workout tips for beginners

Start slow, very slow… In the beginning, workout for just 30 mins and continue it for a month. Unless, you were an athlete at school or college, you can workout for an hour a day. Start with light exercises like spot-jogging, skipping and some push-ups. 80% of all gym-goers drop-out in the very first monthContinue reading “Workout tips for beginners”