Which MMA Is Better For A Street Fight?

MMA has long been in the news for all the wrong reasons. If we look at MMA history in mainstream media we will see that most villains were portrayed as MMA fighters. Maybe this has a lot to do with the side effects of world war two when the Japanese were seen as rivals andContinue reading “Which MMA Is Better For A Street Fight?”

Why HIIT Is a Good Workout For BJJ?

When it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, people usually think that it is all about upper body strength and your technique. However, experts claim that it is a full-body intense combat game that requires a lot of work and there is a high involvement of strategy. As BJJ is evolving people are claiming that this mightContinue reading “Why HIIT Is a Good Workout For BJJ?”

Weird Workout Routines That Actually Work

The workout is essential for a happy healthy life. However, most people complain they do not have enough time or they find workouts intense and boring. Experts say that there are so many different variations of workout that you can easily find something that you find interesting and convert it into a good workout. AContinue reading “Weird Workout Routines That Actually Work”

How To Best Read Your Opponent in The Boxing Ring?

Boxing is one of the oldest combat-based games that was once known as a gentle-men’s game. Although known to be a bloody way to settle a dispute, boxing was an art form that required intense training. For the training, you need a good trainer and resources for buying good enough equipment for the overall training.Continue reading “How To Best Read Your Opponent in The Boxing Ring?”

UFC Fight Night 172 : Kattar vs Ige Preview

UFC is back with Fight night 172 featuring Dan Ige and Calvin Kattar in the main event. Both fighter are coming off from impressive victories. Dan is coming from a split decision Victory over Edson Barboza while Kattar showed his class with an impressive knockout victory against Jeremy Stephens. Both fighter are going through goodContinue reading “UFC Fight Night 172 : Kattar vs Ige Preview”

UFC 251: USMAN VS MASVIDAL – Main Card review

Amanda Ribas vs Paige Vanzant The main card of UFC 251 started with the women’s strawweight fight between Amanda Ribas and Paige Vanzant. Amanda, a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu started aggressively and pushed Page to the Fence and scored a take down quickly. Page tried to get out from position but in the processContinue reading “UFC 251: USMAN VS MASVIDAL – Main Card review”

My personal story of courage and determination

Yeah, that’s me in 2019 in Thailand. So, this picture was taken moments before me jumping in mid sea (with a life jacket of course). Now, it may not be a big deal for many but for me it was certainly, as I had learnt how to swim just two days ago. That’ right. WhereContinue reading “My personal story of courage and determination”

Simple yet effective exercise for beginners

1. Spot Jogging/Jumping Start your daily exercise with ten minutes of spot jogging and jumping. This would work your calves and get you warmed up pretty quickly. Remember, this exercise in only a starter so don’t put too much force on your legs. Stay on toes while doing this exercise. 2. Squats Squats is aContinue reading “Simple yet effective exercise for beginners”

Workout tips for beginners

Start slow, very slow… In the beginning, workout for just 30 mins and continue it for a month. Unless, you were an athlete at school or college, you can workout for an hour a day. Start with light exercises like spot-jogging, skipping and some push-ups. 80% of all gym-goers drop-out in the very first monthContinue reading “Workout tips for beginners”