Why HIIT Is a Good Workout For BJJ?

When it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, people usually think that it is all about upper body strength and your technique. However, experts claim that it is a full-body intense combat game that requires a lot of work and there is a high involvement of strategy. As BJJ is evolving people are claiming that this might even replace some of the biggest and oldest combat arts in the world. It is high time for people to catch up and learn about the BJJ trends rather than relying heavily on the technique only. Since there are so many misconceptions about BJJ, it is only right to know about BJJ, and are a few of the important requirements from an athletic point of view. Since the technique is important, most people overemphasize strength and technique only and they forget about strength-based training.

With the help of this article, we will explore in detail some of the best exercises that everyone must try for practicing BJJ. We will also discuss the type importance of strength and endurance-based exercises, especially the importance of HIIT and its other types.

What Are HIIT And What Are The Benefits Of HIIT For Grapplers?

HIIT workout is an intense workout pattern that is ideal for strength building and endurance. Within HIIT you can use a simple cardio-based workout but you have to arrange it in the form of small sessions. You can start with a 1-minute intense session and after each minute you need to have a 10-second break followed by another intense session. Your ratio of work and rest needs to range from 4:1 to 6:1. One of the most common mistakes that most people commit is that they increase the rest period and the intense workout session goes to complete waste.

Some of the main benefits that make HIIT workout ideal for grapplers include:

  • It is an ideal workout for strength and endurance building
  • It helps you improve your technique by toning your body and reducing the amount of fat.
  • It is ideal for the beginner as well as professionals
  • HIIT workout keep you energized and reduce the chance of intense fatigue in the ring
  • HIIT workout is good for cardiac health and improves the absorption of bad cholesterol.
  • HIIT workout is very good for reducing fat and building muscle.

A Simple HIIT Based Workout Suitable for Grapplers

Now that we know about the importance of HIIT-based workouts in the life of a grappler, it is very important to know how a grappler can use HIIT for his benefit. To help beginners with their HIIT workout, we have designed a simple HIIT-based workout plan that is ideal for beginners as well as professionals. For this workout, you do not need any equipment and your sole reliance will be on your body weight.

For starting your HIIT workout, make sure you start with some stretching. This is not the part of HIIT but it will help you initiate your workout and get your body ready. Without the warm-up plan, you might end up increasing the chance of injury. Most people report that they faced intense pain and body aches because they never started their workout with stretching.

  • After the warm session starts with a sprint session. Your aim should be to start your run for 3 minutes straight and then take a 30 seconds rest gap.
  • After your sprint session, you can start with the jump rope. Your aim should be to carry on with full intensity for at least 3 minutes followed by 20 seconds of rest.
  • Then move too fast for cross-training. You can start with 30 seconds of extreme intensity followed by a slow pace 30 seconds session and then with 10 seconds of rest. Your total time for cross-fit should be 10 minutes.
  • Finally, you can start your push-up session. For this, you can take time for 3 push-ups followed by a high jump and then rest for 10 seconds and repeat.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to your overall workout plan and your experience. If you are a beginner and you are just starting your priority will be technique. A good technique will help you improve your performance on the mat. However, within BJJ your strength and body types also play a very important role. BJJ is the only combat game that favors a weaker individual which is a common reason it is considered best for kids, women, and people who are very lean. As long as they are good with the technique and they build a very good strength they will easily win the game. On the contrary, if we look at combat-based games like wrestling or boxing, physical fitness and overall health always come at the top. People especially work out for some months before they start their technical training in boxing or wrestling. Their weight and their overall body fitness are very vital and this is the reason you cannot defend yourself by using wrestling techniques or simple boxing if your opponent is tough and strong. However, you can rely on the BJJ technique and no matter how strong your opponent might be you will be able to win.

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