Which MMA Is Better For A Street Fight?

MMA has long been in the news for all the wrong reasons. If we look at MMA history in mainstream media we will see that most villains were portrayed as MMA fighters. Maybe this has a lot to do with the side effects of world war two when the Japanese were seen as rivals and MMA was taken as a representation of the Japanese art of fighting. However, as time progressed, MMA and other martial arts were highlighted in a positive light as well. Soon after, we started observing new faces representing MMA in a positive light. As the mainstream media started changing their perspective about MMA, more people started learning it as an art that can help them defend themselves. However, the majority of people still wonder what is the most effective mixed martial arts form that can help them in a street fight. It is very important to keep in mind that MMA has nothing to do with a street fight. However, it is ideal combat support that offers easy yet effective self-defense when you are in need. Since it is diverse and there are no hard and fast rules, it offers you a huge margin of performance making defense relatively easier.

With the help of this article, we will explore different kinds of mixed martial arts forms that will help you with street fights. The main aim is to help you know what you can use in the case of primary self-defense and how you can make the most out of your limited time in the intense MMA environment.

Krav Maga

This is an MMA form that is used by Israeli forces. It is one of the most intense combat practices where you have to encounter realistic training. It helps you know how you can deal when someone attacks you with a weapon. It also helps you learn about defense when someone tries to cripple you. It has a combination of so many other MMA forms.

One of the important disadvantages is that there is no way to mimic the intensity of an actual attack. It doesn’t involve any competition and there is no spontaneous training as well. You have to start with some strength training.


Designed for a very specific setting, boxing has intense rules and only allows you to use your hands for striking. It helps you in understanding the idea of safe distance. It improves strength speed and accuracy, it is also very good for training you for spontaneous strikes.

However, boxing techniques are not very versatile and you will have very limited street fighting scenarios. Another important thing is that it doesn’t offer you a way to practice defense against kicks and doesn’t teach you a defense against a weapon or dirty street tack ticks.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a boxing art specifically used in Thailand. It helps in using your full body. You can learn how to stay at a distance and still damage your opponent. You will learn about the vicious knee and elbow attack and various strength training methods for full-body workouts.

Some of the major cons of the Muay Thai combat style are that you cannot practice takedowns. In case someone attacks you will find yourself clueless about the takedown. It doesn’t offer you a good insight about defense when your opponent is using illegal tactics or has a weapon.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

So far, a very diverse technique of fighting BJJ offers a real-life self-defense scenario that you can use later as well. It helps you learn about takedown and how you can fight your opponent in spontaneous situations. It also offers you a good self-defense tool if you are not very strong. It is effective for situations where you can take down the opponent via submission. Since you always have an opponent, you can practice about real-life situations.

BJJ onset gets you ready against a weapon or when someone tries to get at you by using kicks and punches. It also doesn’t help you against multiple attackers.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you use the training. Experts say that it is much better to mix different techniques so you can cover yourself in all cases. However, there are instances where people have used just one technique to beat their opponent. So far, the best defense is offered by BJJ because you do not have to be in a dominant position and no matter what your size or weight is, you can still beat your opponent. This is not possible in so many other combat games where you need to make sure that you are following all the rules. In street fights there are no rules, so mixing different techniques for your benefit is much better. Most people use boxing for the primary defense but soon they switch to BJJ. However, there are instances where people start with simple BJJ techniques and then carry on till the end. Since most MMA fighting techniques are highly dependent on the strategy, limited time in the case of a street fight. It does not offer you that luxury. This is the reason most people rely on mixed skills rather than just one type.

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