How To Best Read Your Opponent in The Boxing Ring?

Boxing is one of the oldest combat-based games that was once known as a gentle-men’s game. Although known to be a bloody way to settle a dispute, boxing was an art form that required intense training. For the training, you need a good trainer and resources for buying good enough equipment for the overall training. For a very long time, boxing was known as a game for elites only. However, as time passed, boxing became a skill that helped people to become stronger and ready for self-defense.

To this day, boxing is known as a game that is highly associated with upper body power. This is the reason most people start their boxing training with punching styles and different punching combinations that they can exploit for attack and defense. Contrary to common belief, experts say that boxing is a full body combat game. From the head to toe, your whole body is involved, and although your power and technique play a very important role, your strategy and ability and your opponent surpass the rest of the features in importance. This means without reading your opponent, you cannot even use your signature move. Instead, your signature move might make you more vulnerable than you think.

With the help of this article, we will explore in detail the strategy-making process and how it impacts the process of action and reaction. Another very important thing that we will highlight is the skills that you need to read your opponent in the boxing ring

There are so many different ways you can predict the way someone is behaving or someone is going to behave. Most of these cues are derived from body language. The way your feet move or the way your eyes redirect towards the target is usually neglected. However, they can be really important. While noticing the body movement, you need to keep in mind that leaving the face of the opponent might result in serious damage. The movement of the foot and the way your lower body directs is very important however, most people bend down to see the movement of the foot. As a result, the opponent attacks more viciously. Here are some of the ways you can look at body language for detailed cues.

Start with the eye movement because the direction of view helps with planning the target. You need to notice where exactly the eye is landing. If your opponent is looking at your body, get ready for a body shot. However, if he keeps looking at the face and gets into a fierce power face, you are in for a power pack face punch.

Shoulder twitch is a very good indicator that will help you get ready for the next punch. When you punch someone, your core generates the energy but it comes down to the power of your shoulder to relay that energy and form a power pack punch. You will see some professional boxers pulling a poker-faced while the majority have the twitching face before landing a punch. Keep looking at the shoulder and notice how they move. As soon as you see the twitch, look at the eyes and see the target. Now move to the opposite side.

A lower body stance is another very important thing. You need to notice two important things. Look at the foot’s direction and the way your opponent bends the hip from side to side. This will offer you a good way to evaluate the direction of the eye. Most people look at the complementary effect where they know eyes are directed toward one target so they look at the lower body movement to see if both eyes and hips are moving to the same side. With the help of eye movement, you can tell the location but you never know which side of the body or which side of the cheek. Your lower body offers you a better insight into the side through hip movement.

These are some of the simplest indicators however, everything happens in nanoseconds so you need to stay very vigilant.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, there is nothing natural in reading your opponent. It all comes down to predictability and practice. By picking up simple cues, movements, and some basic signature moves you can easily predict things. Most people highly recommend detailed research where you can see everything that is happening before the match and some of the early matches. This will offer you a good overview of the personality of the fighter you are up against. However, predictability is not the signature move, you also need to keep room for unpredictability and spontaneous moves. Most boxers highly depend on past analysis which only makes their prediction weak. You can detect some patterns and some basic moves from past matches, but there is no way someone can repeat the same match pattern throughout. The best way to practice the move is to use all five senses and retain your focus.

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