Simple yet effective exercise for beginners

1. Spot Jogging/Jumping

Start your daily exercise with ten minutes of spot jogging and jumping. This would work your calves and get you warmed up pretty quickly. Remember, this exercise in only a starter so don’t put too much force on your legs. Stay on toes while doing this exercise.

2. Squats

Squats is a multi-purpose exercise that works on your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, abdominal muscles, lower back and your butt as well. You should do this exercise as much as possible, especially to burn the fat in your lower body. The next variant to this exercise is to squat while having your back against the wall and holding that position.

3. Leg lifting

In this exercise you lay on the ground and lift your legs upwards till a 90 degree angle is created. This creates massive pressure in your abdomen area and is very effective in burning stomach fat or building abs. This exercise is slightly heavy for beginners so I would recommend to increase your sets very gradually. It is an alternative exercise for people who find it difficult to do regular sit-ups.

4. Push-up

The most basic exercise that everyone does but only a few do it correctly. Most beginners don’t create the right angles, position and postures and hence don’t get the right results. The position of your body should be such that your back should not be higher than your head. A simple trick to make sure you do the push-up correctly is to look forward and not down. For women, who find it difficult to do the regular push-ups can start by keeping their knees to the ground.

5. Tricep dips

Triceps exercise is equally important if you are building your bicep muscles and do a lot pf push-ups. You’ll need to grab a chair, sofa or a bed and place your hands on it while going in a squat position. Lift your body up by applying pressure on your arms. You’ll feel the tension in your triceps. Don’t squat in this position but lift yourself up and make sure you only use your triceps muscles to move up and down.

6. Leg hold/pull

In this exercise, you lay on the floor with your face-up and then lift you legs and head together making an angle of about 15 degrees from the ground. Hold this position for a while and you’ll feel the pressure in your abdomen and your legs will feel heavier. The next part of this exercise is to pull your legs towards you and then let release to its normal position. Throughout this exercise, ensure that your feet and head do not touch the floor.

7. Vikings Thunderclap

This is a very special exercise and I gave it the name “Vikings Thunderclap” after watching the Icelandic football team’s goal celebration. It is special because it was the first exercise my father taught me. You just need to stand straight with your hands on the side, then pull them up from the side and then clap at the top. Sounds simple, right? Try doing it a hundred time and you’ll know how tough this exercise is can be for the arms and shoulders. It strengthens both the neck and shoulder muscles. If you are a regular, you can try this with some weights as well.

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