Workout tips for beginners

Start slow, very slow…

In the beginning, workout for just 30 mins and continue it for a month. Unless, you were an athlete at school or college, you can workout for an hour a day. Start with light exercises like spot-jogging, skipping and some push-ups. 80% of all gym-goers drop-out in the very first month from starting out. Okay, that number was just made up by me but the fact is that most people don’t even complete a couple of weeks of their gym membership. So why spend so much on working out on fancy gym equipment when you can do it at your home for free ? Remember that when it comes to workouts, the slow and steady wins the race.

‘REPS’ are the key

Consistency is the key. In workout terms, we call it ‘Reps’ or repetitions. If you don’t exercise daily, you’ll never get the body you want. Try a set of five or ten push-ups and do it three times instead of doing a single set of thirty push-ups. The important thing here is to do small sets of exercise but increasing the number of reps.

Sweat but don’t stress

Don’t push too much. A good workout is the one where you come out all fresh and full of energy. Don’t try to kill yourself during workouts or you’ll lose the energy and motivation to do it the next day. Read quotes, positive blogs on fitness (like this one) and keep reminding yourself why you started. There are loads of motivational fitness quotes on the internet that can help you get back that desire to workout.

Keep a track of your daily routine

Keep a tab on your daily progress. Try downloading any of the free fitness apps or keep a fitness journal if your’e old fashioned and record your daily activity. Keeping a record of your daily ‘sets’ and ‘reps’ will boost your confidence and make you to push even harder. Remember that your max workout today will be your warm-up tomorrow.

Increase the calories in your diet

You’ll need more carbs and proteins to fill in for the lost energy so eat well. Boiled chicken, meat, milk and cheese will give you the required amount of proteins and carbs. If you have a full time job or a business then make sure to pack the carbs in your diet. You don’t have to get too exhausted in your home workouts which affects your performance at your job. Protein shakes are highly recommended.

Rest and Recovery

Sleep a lot. A good amount of rest is extremely important for muscle building and to get the tissues repaired. Plan out your daily schedule in a way that gets you a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep. Remember the pattern, EAT-SLEEP-WORKOUT & REPEAT. Your sleep time is as important as the workout time you put in each day. You can give up on your late night movie marathons or parties to get good rest.

Let the world know…

Once, you have established a healthy routine of workouts, recovery times and adopted a proper diet plan, its time to let the world know that you’ve overcome your weakness’s, the unhealthy patterns, that lazy mindset and instead have transformed yourself completely and that you’re mind and body are now in a powerful sync which you feel and understand. Let it out on social media and let your friends know about your journey and initial struggles. Guide them and be their mentor in to their journey of creating a healthy life

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